2nd Generation NSX Engine Oil Replacement

Honda NSX [NC1] (JNC1) 2017

  1. Ichiban
    Difficulty Level:
    1. Vehicle - Lift

    2. Right Engine Compartment Cover - Remove (With Engine Compartment Cover)

    3. Engine Under Cover - Remove

    4. Engine Oil - Drain

    1. Remove the drain bolts (A), and drain the engine oil in sequence.

    NOTE: There is no sequence to remove the sequence bolts.

    2. Reinstall the drain bolts with new washers (B) and torque to specification.

    NOTE: Do not over tighten.


    5. Engine Oil - Refill

    1. Refill the oil tank with the recommended engine oil to 6.5 L (6.9 US qt, 5.7 lmp qt).

    6. Engine Oil Level - Check

    7. Engine Oil - Refill
    1. Add engine oil to bring it to the upper mark.

    At Oil Change: 7.3 L (7.7 US qt, 6.4 lmp qt)
    At Oil Change including Filter: 7.9 L (8.3 US qt, 7.0 lmp qt)
    After Engine Overhaul: 9.8 L (10.4 US qt, 8.6 lmp qt)

    8. Engine Oil Leak - Check

    9. Engine Under Cover - Install reverse of step 3

    10. Service Reminder - Reset (With Service Reminder System)
    1. If the Service Reminder required to replace the engine oil, reset the Service Reminder with the gauge (see "Resetting the Service Reminder"). If the Service Reminder did not require to replace the engine oil, reset the Service Reminder with the HDS (see "Resetting the Individual Maintenance Items").

    11. Engine Oil Monitor - Reset (With Engine Oil Monitor System)