Accord Hatchback tailgate release replacement.

CH6, CH7

  1. Harvey
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    If you find that the handle on your tailgate opener has snapped then this guide will help you.

    You will need these tools

    10mm spanner
    flat screwdriver

    open the hatch (if possible) to reveal the access panel for the number plate lights and emergency interior boot release. with the screwdriver prise the panel out with the slot provided in the bottom edge.

    2. with this panel now removed, disconnect the electrical connection to the light.

    3. The cable can now be released from the handle. First move the yellow plastic tab out of the locating mount by sliding it to the right, it is not held in my much and a little force will see it pop free. once this is done, pull the cable towards you so that the end rotates and can be withdrawn from the handle mechanism ( this is the same a bicycle brake cables) 20161006_105318.

    4. with the 10mm spanner, loosen the two securing nuts until loose and remove the rest of the way by hand, careful not to drop the nuts inside the hatch lid.


    5. withdraw the release handle from inside. it lifts up off the mounting lugs and is slightly fiddly.

    6. replacing the handle is the opposite to removal.

    Total time should be no more than 15 minutes, from start to finish.
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Recent Reviews

  1. exec
    Great guide as usual, looks fiddly with the small access space and sharp edges!
    1. Harvey
      Author's Response
      its a little fiddly on the left hand side but otherwise not that bad. Might be a little harder if you have big hands.