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    This is a short write up to show how to adjust replace the Accord Tourer lock/closer mechanism. I didn't actually replace mine but had to adjust its position. Basically I had an odd problem where upon closing the tailgate the lock would operate but kind of shift the whole tailgate to the right slightly when locking. Thus giving un-even shut lines on the left and right hand sides. The gap between the left bodywork/ rear light to tailgate was much bigger than the gap between the right bodywork/rear light and tailgate. If that make sense. The problem was that the lock was shifted too far to the left by a couple of mm and needed adjusting in its final position. I have no idea why this was the case of if the tailgate has been replaced in its life, possibly. I also had a problem where sometimes the tailgate wouldn't open first time as it seemed to catch on the lock mechanism and caused enough friction to abort the opening. This was made worse if the car bonnet was pointing down hill so gravity was against the tailgate. However hopefully if you need to adjust yours or replace it (as they can fail) then this may help.

    So first job was to remove the tailgate trim panel. I started by removing the cover on the screw holding the tailgate close button into the trim. Then removing the screw and prying out the plastic housing for the button.


    Then I removed all of the covers for the lights and tailgate lock access panel. (simply pry them with a flat screw driver and they pop out).

    Next I had to remove the trim panel itself. Its held in with many pop in plastic clips as shown on my pictures. I started by looking through the access holes to see which ones I could see and prising the visible ones off the tailgate first. They are tight and require a bit of pulling down on the trim panel but they will pop out. Then simply work methodically around the trim panel until they are all released. Be patient and I found a long screw driver did help to pop a few off. The trim panel is also attached to the side pillars. Be careful when twisting the trim panel but it will release from the side pillar trim with a little jigging about.

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    Once the trim is off it's obvious there are four bolts holding in the lock. Two at the rear and two flush hex bolts at the lock front itself. In my case I loosened the flush hex bolts and rear bolts, shifted the lock to the right a little and re-tightened the bolts. If the lock is to be replaced then simple remove the electrical connector (Disconnect battery first!!!), remove the four bolts and remove the lock. replace and fit correctly.

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    Once your happy with the lock position then re-check everything and refit the trim panel. it might be easier with two people at this stage as its a little awkward but I did it on my own ok. Clip in the side pillars to the top of the trim panel first if you can and then locate the pop in plastics studs and simply hit home.

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