Almost free addition of AUX in for Android, Iphone, Ipod to Nav + CD Changer models

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    Hi Guys,

    After a couple of years of tolerating a temperamental and sometimes annoying Hi-FI FM Transmitter to get audio into my Nav + 6 CD Changer system in my Accord. I have now found a direct solution which I will share with you!

    PLEASE NOTE You will lose use of the CD changer, not permanent but it can only be reinstated by reversing the process.

    CAUTION it is very easy to damage your audio system if you do this incorrectly, only attempt if you are confident in your electrical skills. I am happy to advise but take no responsibility for damage.

    The Problem

    I looked at a number of options for adaptors for this model, only to find that many don't work with the inbuilt CD changer, and the cheapest that does, is over £60.

    I am a big fan of audio and like good quality, and direct link is the only really acceptable way to get the audio through to the stock head unit. Being on a short budget and enjoying the quality of the stock premium sound system (with my integrated additional Sub) a patch in link to the inside of the head unit is the only solution.

    Tools and Parts

    In order to carry out this job you will need as a minimum:

    - Set of Phillips head screw drivers
    - 10 mm socket and driver
    - Soldering Iron and solder
    - Trim lever set
    - An audio lead with a 3.5 mm jack (headphone jack), at least 50 cm long, more if you want reach further than the centre console.
    - Small Scissors (Swiss army knife set ideal)

    I would also recommend:

    - Heat shrink assortment
    - Heat gun
    - Cable ties

    1. Remove the head unit

    I am not going to go through this here, if you are doing this job I hope you will be able to do this already. This video describes the process well:

    2. Remove two lower modules from facia

    Firstly remove the two larger modules from the face plate by removing the 6 big black screws on the face plate and the small gold screws on the sides of the units.

    Then pull the two modules away from the face plate, carefully as there is a push fit data link between them:


    3. Remove the side panels from the two modules

    To do this remove the 4 big black bolts in the sides of the modules and the small gold screws at the back:


    4. Disconnect CD unit cables

    Disconnect the ribbon data link and motor control plug between the CD module and the Audio module:


    5. Separate CD module and Audio module

    Separate the two parts by removing all of the gold screws that you can see from the top:


    You also need to bend the small tab that goes through the circuit board. Carefully separate the two parts and feed the cables through the circuit board.


    6. Wire in new audio link

    Very carefully prepare the new audio cable by exposing, stripping and tinning 2mm of bare metal from each of the 3 wires inside the audio cable. Be very careful to properly cover the Earth wire with heat shrink to prevent short circuiting on the circuit board.

    Solder the wires onto the circuit board (Audio module, not CD module) to the three nodes as shown below. I know it looks messy, these connections are tiny and tricky to solder! Centre is earth and the outer two are left and right:


    7. Cut link to CD Player

    Carefully cut the Data ribbon as shown so that the 3 connectors (At the CD player end) are not connected when the ribbon is reattached: (This is where the CD player is disabled, to reinstate your CD changer, plug the entire ribbon into the slot again.) NEVER Plug in an Aux source with the CD Ribbon fully attached. This could damage your CD changer and or source phone or iPod.


    8. Reassemble and route the audio cable

    Reassembly is the reverse of disassembly. Remember to reattach the data ribbon and motor drive cable, they both go through the letterbox slot in the audio module circuit board.

    Route the new cable through the module shield and cable tie it firmly in place, this cable tie is very important to prevent the connection being accidentally pulled off.


    9. Refit into head unit and fit head unit to car

    Reattach the modules to the facia (Being carful with the data link) and then put the whole unit back in the car.

    You can route the new cable as you want. I did it by drilling a hole in the storage space under the Sat Nav drive and routing the cable through there. Then you can store it out of sight and plug it into a phone that can go in there.

    10. Testing and operation

    Now test that the system works. To use the new audio link:

    - Switch on the audio system
    - Insert one CD into slot 1 (Can be any Audio CD, just activates the system)
    - Play the CD, then the audio will not be from the disk but your new audio cable

    Demonstration here:

    The Audio Quality is as good as you can get from this system, so much better than my old FM device, and no interference! I am very happy. Hopefully you will be as well.


    Let me know if you have any questions.
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