ATF fluid change

accord 2008-2014 8th Generation

  1. micko
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    okay boys. I was changing my ATF fluid today an made a little DIY.

    the first thing we have to do when we arive to our garage is check the date and get some motivation for the day :Smile:


    and then we can start.

    1.first we jack OP the car. i have a lift, but for those that dosenĀ“t have tge lift you will have to put it on jack stands.


    2. when the car is up in the air we remove the screws that hold the cover under the engine. i think there were 8 screws. and the just pop it out and put it to the side.
    20150615_071553. 20150615_071600.

    3. now we can se the screw that we have to remove (red circle)
    20150615_071921. 20150615_071928. 20150615_072109.

    4. now we loosen the screw with our tool and then we unscrew it with our fingers the rest of the way, so it don't fall away and get lost. and then we just let the old fluid drain away nice and easy.
    20150615_072510. 20150615_072514.

    5. when the fluid is draining we have time to clean our magnetic screw.
    20150615_072545. 20150615_072640.

    6. when the old fluid is drained and the screw is cleaned the we put the screw back with a new washer. if you are going to drain the fluid 3 times like i did then you just have to use the new washer for the last time and the old one before that.

    7. now we are ready for the new fluid. you will need a funel and to be more acurate a liter jug or cup so you can se have much fluid you are putting in. the markings on the fluid bottle don't show the correct amount.

    20150615_072823. 20150615_073203.

    8. now we take out the dipstick for the ATF fluid. we are going to put the new fluid trough the hole were we check the fluid once it in. the funel will fit straigth in to the hole.
    20150615_073437. 20150615_073444.

    if you only going to change the fluid you will ned about 2,5-2,7 liters of fluid. i change my fluid 3 times and used nearly 8 liters.

    if you are going to change the fluid more times then one then u just repeat the proces over and over. just make sure to take it out for a little drive and put it trough all the gears before changing for the 2 ore 3 time.

    to check the level of fluid when u are done you will have to get the engine OP to runing temp, and then when u turn the car of u will have to chech the fluid at 60 sek. not 30 an not 90 but 60 sek. why i don't know, but thats what a honda mechanic told me and that what the handbook says.

    good luck everybody.

    its is more simple to change than the engine oli.
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