Brake Lever Drum Brake Major Adjustment at Disc

Accord Tourer rear brake discs renewal

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    This is just an attachment to add pictures to a guide that CJ upliaded some time ago. It is after fitting new discs (and yoy can get hints to actually remove them but I have already done that yesterday) on an Accord Tourer where the rear disc is incorporated into a drum.

    I will add pics of readjusting and tensioning the handbrake but if you make motions of the screwdriver in reversal, that is the way to temove the discs (by releasing yhe tension of the shoes on the inner drums)... Once tension is released the drum should simply slide off (maybe a few hammer knocks to release any rust)...

    Coming up are the pics and mods feel free to edit or jusy amalgamate the pics into CJs guide on handbrake adjustment (they should be read in conjunction with each other as these are mainly the pics).


    So this pic shows the disc with rubber grommet out, exposing above hole. Position it between 4 o clock and 5 o clock. There is a rotor in there which can be seen as just one spline of it in the pic. We need to twist that rotor back (imagine u are looking from behind car, then we need rotor turning anti clockwise to tighten after refit of disc to tighten handbrake... to take disc off, we need it turning clockwise to loosen disc/drum/shoes/).


    So, my lovelies... cannot get a high qual pic of what i am doing but basically, just turning the rotor, anti clockwise with handbrake off. Once i reach the limit i will loosen 8 turns (or screwdriver pushes on the splines of rotor) to loosen back off. Later when i get chance i shall draw you a pic. In the first pic or even second one, you may see a spring -side on- this is in front of the splines and we need to get the splunes past this springs coil on each push of screwriver (flat driver with the screwing end held horizontally but pushing iy forwards to turn tge splines).

    Sorry for so much detailed description which may be repetitive but it took us over 2 hours to figure it out from other threads... once firgured i managed to get second disc off in 10 minutes without any force (it just slid off)...

    Lastly, the same spline, on nearside disc is at the approximately 7 o clock position
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      Thanks chunky. I was very short on time/daylight hours by that time as I still had my calipers to refurb. But after understanding the procedure I was adamant to share my breakthrough.

      Sorry about the spelling mistakes but I am sure users will understand