DIY 6th Generation Fuel Filter Howto

Accord 1998-2002 CG8

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    This is my 6th Generation Fuel Filter replacement Howto. This is not an official HowTo nor am I a qualified Mechanic so use at your own risk. Also there may be more logical ways of tackling this so if you have better methods feel free to follow on the thread.

    The fuel filter is located infront of the nearside (RHD passenger-side) rear wheel. You do not need to go fully under the car to do this.

    Tool List

    General tools
    Axle Stands
    Wheel Chocks
    Safety Goggles
    Gloves (petrol will likely get on your hands)

    Filter tools
    3/8” Ratchet
    3/8” 10mm socket
    3/8” Extension bar 6”/150mm
    Flat Head precision screwdrivers x 2 (for prying lugs – be careful)
    Philips head screw driver (for aligning bolt hole)

    Battery tools
    1/4” Ratchet
    1/4” 10mm socket
    1/4” 100mm extension bar

    Fuse Puller inside Engine Fuse Box

    Open the fuse box door at the drivers side. Identify the fuel pump fuse from the back side of the fuse panel you have removed. Pull out Fuel Pump Fuse No.1 – 15amp.

    Turn the key a couple of time to crank engine. You should hear the starter motor but engine won't start. This should hopefully help depressurise the system. Then undo fuel cap to remove any pressure in the tank.

    Disconnect the battery connections - eliminate any chance of sparking as fuel will be running out the filter when you unclip it. Remember to have your radio code at hand or you will lose it after disconnecting the battery.

    Jack and support car properly with Axle Stands and Wheel Chocks.

    Tow Hook

    Lift Point

    Leave Jack in place.

    Locate filter housing bolts (2x 10mm), wirebrush and spray penetrating oil. These two bolt are often corroded or missing from previously. Brush them down and spray some penetrating oil then undo bolts - filter housing should start to drop away towards the outside of the car.

    Get some Safety Goggles on incase of fuel spray. I never experienced any fuel spraying out the fuel lines after my attempt to de-pressurise the system, although there was a 100ml or so of fuel in the filter which will pour out once unclipped. Have a drain pan/tray ready to catch this fuel.

    Be careful not to damage hoses, retainers or fuel lines. Do not pull hard or tug on anything.
    Squeeze retainer lugs/clip in connector hose and pull off filter (Fuel Tank side)
    Squeeze retainer lugs/clips on fuel pipe and slide off filter (Engine side). Part of my old filter stayed on this line – so ensure the fuel line to the engine is clear (no seals or small rubber washers left behind).
    Drop filter in a old pan/tray to empty the draining fuel. Once empty you can try and detach the retainer clip. I had to pry on the lugs/clips with some small screwdrivers – take time here, do not destroy the retainer.

    Carefully prying the clips over the lip.

    Clip in new filter in reverse (ie Engine then Fuel Tank side). You should hear the clips clicking/locking in place.

    Now we are going to check for leaks, so replace the 15amp fuel pump fuse and reconnect the battery. Turn the ignition a couple of times to initialise the fuel pump, I think its two clicks on the ignition barrel – DO NOT START/CRANK THE ENGINE) – now go back and check for leaks. If no leaks detected then start the engine and let it run a minute or so whilst checking for leaks.

    If no leaks detected then refit the filter housing and both bolts. This could take a while to find/feel for the bolt holes as I couldn't see them from my working position. I basically used a philips screwdriver to feel for one of the holes and used this as a guide to align the second hole. You should get the other bolt in ok, then drop the screwdriver out and turn in the second bolt.

    Just about done, enter your Radio Code and reset your Auto driver window. I usually open the window and hold the button down for 5secs, then close the the window and hold the button up for 5secs and that should reset your Auto Window.

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