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    Installation instructions for the metal door step garnish (side step plate).

    Doorstep Garnishes and Speaker Rings
    (This need to be done when the temperature is above 15C)

    Tools used
    Masking tape
    Tape measure
    Pointed pliers
    Soft cloth
    Alcohol wipes - supplied with the strips.
    (Fan heater or hair dryer, to warm the doorsteps and strips)

    This is how things were.

    1    IMG_8509.JPG

    1a  76640_IMG_8510_D[1].

    The plastic doorstep strips simply pull out. They are held in by plastic clips.

    1b  76642_IMG_8514_D[1].

    The new metal strips are stuck on, so you need to mark where the end will be. The guide states this is 45mm from the rear hole.

    2   76643_IMG_8515__1.1_D[1].

    I placed some masking tape on the sill and marked this on it. I then used the edge of a second piece of tape to mark this distance. The first piece could then be removed. (It would have been under the new strip otherwise)

    3   76644_IMG_8522_D[1].

    4   76645_IMG_8523_D[1].

    The outer edge of the new strip need to be 3mm from the edge. I therefore marked a line along the edge of some masking tape. This was then cut and fixed in place.

    5   76646_IMG_8524_D[1].
    6   76647_IMG_8517_D[1].

    The new metal strips are clearly marled 'L' & 'R'

    7   76648_IMG_8520_D[1].

    Peel back the ends of the plastic film on the back of the strips and fix down with tape. Ensure enough is peeled back to be able to grip firmly during the next stage

    8   76649_IMG_8526_D[1].
    9   76650_IMG_8527_D[1].

    I warmed the doorstep and strip as it was below 15C
    Carefully place the new strip in on the doorstep. Holding the strip in position, carefully peel back plastic film. I used the pointed pliers to start this off, but be careful not to scratch the strip.

    10  76651_IMG_8528_D[1].
    11   76652_IMG_8529_D[1].

    12   76653_IMG_8530_D[1].

    Press the strip down firmly (with a soft cloth) to ensue it sticks.

    13  76654_IMG_8531_D[1].

    Repeat the process for the remaining doorsteps. The rear strips are at 40mm.

    The speaker rings are fixed directly onto the existing speaker covers. Ensure the metal ring and door are warm enough. Clean the existing speaker cover thoroughly with the alcohol wipe provided and then stick in position. Press firmly using the soft cloth.

    14  76655_IMG_8532_D[1].

    15  76656_IMG_8535_D[1].

    16  76657_IMG_8537_D[1].

    Side Step Plate_0001. Side Step Plate_0002. Side Step Plate_0003. Side Step Plate_0004. Side Step Plate_0005. Side Step Plate_0006.

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