Double DIN Head Unit Installation 2015-06-05

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  1. micko
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    okay boys. now i will try to make a diy for the double din install.

    thinks you will need is

    double din fascia
    steering stalk control adapter
    patch lead for specific brand of head unit
    antenna adapter
    and a head unit will be a good idea :Smile:

    mine head unit is the pioneer avh-8500bt and with that i have a pioneer F-260 navigation modul.

    1. first you will have to take of the negative pole from the battery, if you don't do that you can't burn the MICU as i did (expensive learning money)

    now we start the fun part.

    2. pull of the the trim above the glove box. slow but firmly. start witk the corner closest to the door.


    2. now you will have to open the ashtray so you can put youre fingers in the gearbox trim. pull the trim slowly but firm. pull up. before starting this you will have to put youre gear lever in the middle.

    when you have pulled the trim off you will have to disconect the seat heater buttons.
    20150517_095307. we will have to go up to the trim above the glove box again. you have to take out one screw (allready taken out in the photo)

    4. you have one more screw on the lower trim to take out.

    5. when the 2 screws is out you can put youre fingers under the trim and pull slow but firm. pull up. the trim will come of easy.

    6. on the other trim you only have one screw that we will have to take out. and the we pull slow and firmly again. pull up.

    7. now we have taken all the trim of, and we return to the ashtray. there is one screw that we will have to take out. then we pull the ashtray up slowly and firm.


    8.disconect the back of the ashtray and put it somewhere safe. the is 2 cables and one ligth.

    9. now we go to the HVAC. there is 4 screws that we have to take out out. after that it just pops out. you will have to disconect 2 cables from the back.
    20150517_100716. 20150517_100723. 20150517_100747.

    10. now we go to the big box under the HVAC. there is 2 big screws on each side of it and to small ones under it. when the screws are out you just pull it out.
    20150517_100804. 20150517_101008. 20150517_101621.

    11. and now we go for the stock head unit. there are 4 screws. 2 big ones in the fron and 2 smaller ones under.

    12. now the screws are out and we take a firm grip on the head unit and give it a good firm pull.

    13. when you have pulled out the head unit, we will have 4 cables to disconect. take them of and pull it out and put it somewhere safe.

    now we are lft with soething like this


    14. now we take the new fascia and mount the brackets that comes with it.
    20150517_104007. 20150517_104011.

    15. now we will have to take of the red clips from the stock fascia and put them on the new one. we also ned to take the went and hazard litgh off the stock fascia and put them on the new one.

    20150517_103554. 20150517_104409. 20150517_105049. 20150517_105057.

    16. the we take the new head unit and mount it in the new fascia and brackets


    now all taht is left is to put the new control adapters together. thats is simple as there are only one way they will fit.

    as for the antenna adapter you will have to connect the blue wire to youre remote wire from the back of youre new head unit. have to do that because the antenna is power amplified.

    when you have connected all the wires just do the proces reversed. it looks a bit tricky but it is are very simple job.

    all the trim is connect via clips and small screw. and it is all good qaulity so don't be afraid of braking anything. it will hold.

    when you have put all together again it will be somthing like this

    20150604_113655. 20150604_115749. 20150604_115809.

    as you can see on the finished photos the dispaly will only show temp. the clock, date and song title will be showned on the new head unit. but don't worry you will have full control of you steering wheel controls.

    as for the sound it is much better then the original. you won't have to upgrades speakers.

    all the parts you need you can buy at

    good luck to you all


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  1. i-DSI
    Version: 2015-06-05
    This is great stuff. I will need it as I have plans in the same direction.
  2. RogerH69
    Version: 2015-06-05
    Nice. Looks good. I have the AVH-X8700BT and the AVIC F-260 module. Where did you mount the F-260 in your setup, and where did you run ans stick the GPS and Traffic antennas ?
    1. micko
      Author's Response
      the antenna i have put behind the headunit in a smal gap and the gps antenna i have passed behind the glovebox and up trough the piller and then i put the small box in the corner of my front window
  3. Chunkylover53
    Version: 2015-06-05
    Brilliant guide matey
  4. Nighthawk
    Version: 2015-06-05
    Good job, it looks great
  5. Nels
    Version: 2015-06-05
    Super job Micko. This is what makes HK great.
  6. SpeedyGee
    Version: 2015-06-05
    Great guide @micko and the double DIN looks fab !
  7. DeviateDefiant
    Version: 2015-06-05
    Excellent write-up, really thorough and a job done properly. Top marks there micko!
  8. Ichiban
    Version: 2015-06-05
    Good guide and top work.