Double DIN stereo fitting


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    I have toyed with this idea in the past and decided against it as I wanted the screen to be higher. That said, some prefer it down there so if you're undecided feel free to check it out.
    These are not full instructions but they will give you a good idea of how the project will pan out and work required from yourself.
    If you are not confident with in-car audio, please try and attempt the steps 1-5. After that it's a standard fit for anybody in the industry (incl Halfords), so you won't have to pay for extra labour :Smile:
    1) Unscrew the gear :tut:

    2) Starting from the top, slide down the panel with a credit card till the plastic unit pops out. Alternatively, get you finger under the plastic and pull at it gently.
    A hairdryer will be helpful as it will make the plastic more pliable.

    3) Undo the four screws and gently pull out. DO NOT yank it out as there is a wire harness to the cig lighter that needs to be removed.
    (4 Screws)
    (Removing cig lighter harness)

    4) Now remove four more screws. As before there is a wire harness (this time to the clock) which needs to be removed so pull GENTLY.
    (4 more screws)

    5) Done

    There will be far fewer wires if you have a standard system but generally you should have a nice double DIN sized hole.

    Fitting is the reverse of above.

    Below are standard audio install instructions (no pictures)
    6) Remove the wire harness from the current stereo and bring it down to the double DIN hole - it is very loose and you should have no issue fitting the block.
    7) Fit the antenna and on the ISO block make sure the blue power antenna lead is accounted for if you want it to pop out when listening to the radio. You may need to purchase bullet connectors.
    8) Link any pre - outs etc
    9) Some stereos have cages that fit perfect in the double DIN hole, others don't. Unfortunately I cannot advise in full here but if the bracket does not fit snugly you simply have to screw it in and find some plastic to fill any areas on the dash that are exposed.
    Enjoy your double DIN :Smile:


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