Engine Warning lights - Limp home - Faulty Throttle Position Sensor

FR-V 2.2 Diesel

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    Engine Warning lights - Limp home - Faulty Throttle Position Sensor

    So car went into limp home mode. Disconnected battery to reset, all good but soon failed. Again. And again.

    Was running a bit weird beforehand. A bit hesitant. Especially noticeable on Mway.

    Read up on forums, seemed Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) probably failed. Believe you can use diagnostics to read a fault code to be sure but I didnt.

    4 nuts later the cover is off the engine and the TPS is easy to find, just get someone to rev engine while you look at the engine and its the bit that moves.

    The sensor is the black plastic block the size of a slim box of matches held on by 2 Torx bolts. Its a Bosch component (a potentiometer I believe).

    Honda don't sell just the TPS, you have to buy the whole assembly - £320! Plus £100 to fit.

    I spent a while trying to track the Bosch component down but while trying found one on eBay, used, for £28 but guaranteed to work.

    2 mins to fit, then the clever bit. There are 3 wires on the connector block on the TPS. Poke a straightened paperclip down the middle one so you get a voltmeter on it. With it all connected and the engine running and the TPS installed but not fully tightened, rotate the TPS (its slotted to allow about 20 deg of rotation) until you get a reading of 0.45 volts.

    Tighten everything up, stick the engine cover on - job done.

    Since writing the above...

    Bought one of these for £6!!!! to read error codes and reset, the port is just below drivers left hand knee...

    Sadly my replacement sensor failed soon after fitting. don't know why yet and thought I had found a good source of new ones but no - it rotated the wrong way.

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