EU8 Door Card Removal for Replacing Side View Mirror or For Access to Door Speakers

Civic 02-05, 5 Door (EU8) (SE Executive)

  1. legend-ary
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    This is my first ever DIY/Guide so please bear with me if it is not very clear but I have attempted to take any many photos as I could to try and explain as much as I can. If you have any questions or think I have missed something important let me know and I will fill in.

    This guide applies to the 7th Generation Honda Civic 2002-2005 EU8 which have a different door card design to the more popular EP2 and EP3. I wanted to take the door card off in order to remove the broke side view mirror but what ever the reason you have i.e change speakers or something, most of this will apply to you. Hope you find it useful.

    You will only need a small flat head screwdriver or trim removal tool + Philips head screwdriver + 8mm Spanner.

    I lowered my window before starting the whole procedure as it makes things very easy. I doubt you will be able lift the door card out with the glass still up.

    The reason:
    Smashed up door mirror.
    00.JPG 0.JPG
    This guide was written for 2002 SE Executive with Leather Interior but can apply to any version that share this door card design in which the handle flows into the piece that meets the A-pillar.
    Take the inside cover off by pulling it with your fingers. Make sure you pull from top and not from side as it will be much easier.
    Once the cover is removed you can see the bolts holding the side view mirror in place. Unfortunately only one of these is the actual bolt, rest two are behind the plastic.

    You can see one more here.. third one is further down.
    Note: the top left bolt you see is irrelevant and should be left alone for this job.

    The connector for the electric mirror is buried in there somewhere.
    Now that you have realized that there is no way but to take the door card off, lets get on with it. Using a trim removal tool or a thin flat screwdriver, pry off the cover inside the door handle and you will come face to face with two screws. Unscrew them.
    The door handle will come lose but it is still attached to the door unlocking mechanism.
    Look from above and you will see this metal rod that is held in place by this brown clip. Using a trim removal tool or small flat head screwdriver, push it in the direction of the arrow.
    and it will open up like this. Simply pull the rod up with your hand and the handle will be free.
    Now back to the front of the door card. The grab handle meets the door card right under the mirror so this is where you will need to start. Slowly but firmly pull on the trim and the first clip will be undone.. once that happens you have no trouble pulling the rest of it off.
    Different angle of the same step for clarity. You can already see the screws that are holding the door card in place.
    Most of the grab handle will come off except the last bit which is right under the window switch.. it did require a bit of gentle twisting.. It might feel like you will break it but.
    as you can see it is a wedge sort of shape so breaking it is quite unlikely.
    Grab handle off. remove all the screws circled. different designs but all pretty easy Phillips head.
    grab handle completely undone.
    sit down level with the power window switch and you will see this screw (in case you have missed it in the first go like I did).
    Also, the connector for power window needs to be undone so push the clip in in the director of the arrow and while pressing, pull it away..
    Connector undone. I simply used my hands as the clip is very easy to press.
    Pull the window switch off. It is again held by a few clips but very easy to take out.
    Now you are ready for the tough part which is taking off the door card. It might feel you are not getting anywhere but trust me with a bit of a patience you will take it off. The way door card is fixed, you need to start taking it off from bottom. pull it towards you and get those fingers in there...
    and pull firmly but slowly so you don't break any clips. the clips will just pop out without much of a fight
    once you think you have loosened the door card and it feels it is just hanging in there.. simply lift it a bit and it should come off completely.
    (see the red bit of metal in this photo. . .the door card is hanging off it)

    Before you take the door card away completely make sure you remove this clip holding the power window cable to the door card.. press it in the direction marked with arrows and push it in .. very easy...
    Door card gone!
    You can now do what you need to but if like me you are here to replace the mirror, carry on.

    You will need to undo the highlighted fasteners in order to remove the door mirror.

    Using Number 8 spanner, simply undo the bolts. Press the connector's clip and pull it out. The middle clip holding the wire is like a zip tie.. Do not cut it..
    Simply look under and you will see the excess plastic .. using a trim tool or small flat head push it in and it will come lose allowing you to take the wire out of it..
    Even thought the bolts were off, the mirror was still stuck in place as it forgot it was once a separate part in 2002.. Just put some leverage and it will come away.
    and Viola! the side mirror housing is out! Congratulations!
    If like me, you are waiting for the replacement mirror to arrive, make sure to tape the holes off otherwise weather and spiders will infest your car and every time you enter the car a silk strand will be wrapped around your face. I hate it.

    Interesting Fact:
    You will not be able to raise or lower the window without the window switch connected. After this last step I tried from the driver's side panel and it didn't do anything but when I clipped the window switch back in, it worked.. So the driver's side switch must be communicating to the relevant door switch and ask it to raise or lower the window..

    Hopefully you found this useful. Best of luck!

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