Extending (or repairing) an O2 sensor wire

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    This guide shows you how to extend an O2 sensor.
    Modern Hondas have four wires sensors, two wires are for the heater element which heats up the O2 sensor on first start to help bring it up to temperature (it doesn't start working until it is up to temperature).

    The other two wires are for the actual sensor itself. These two wires tend to be made from stainless steel, if you try soldering them you will have a heck of a job and then afterwards the actual sensor won't give the correct readings anyway as the resistance on the line will be different.

    So the correct way to extend (or repair a damaged wire on) an O2 sensor is to use crimped connectors.

    Tools and bits for the job:-

    • Wire stripper
    • Crimp connectors with heat shrinkable sleeving
    • Crimping tool
    • Pliers
    • Soldering iron
    • Cloth tap
    • For extending the O2 sensor go to a scrappy and get some Honda O2 sensor connectors (one male and one female) with a few inches of wire on them. You will join these two together to create an extension.


    The O2 sensor we want to extend


    Here we can see one of the O2 sensor wires, note the silver look (as opposed to being copper). This is stainless steel which you can't easily solder. Hence the need for crimped connectors.


    Using the crimp tool, crimp a straight connector onto the wire, make sure you have a good strong crimp that will not pull apart.


    Here we can see the first connector crimped on.


    And then the other side of it. You can now use the soldering iron and apply heat to the sleeving to heat shrink it. The heat shrinked sleeving provides a strong watertight cover the crimp connector.


    Repeat for the rest of the wires making sure that you are connecting the right wires to each other to allow a straight through connection.

    And here we have the finished article, an extended O2 sensor that will function as it should.

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