Front anti roll bar drop links

Accord 03-08.K24A3

  1. MickyB
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    Well my first diy so here goes.
    This was carried out with basic tools and equipment ie jack a nice number of very sturdy wooden sleeper blocks. Varying sizes of spanners sockets Allen keys and hammers and finally a little gem the dremel.
    To start with with this was done as the offside one had broken image.
    Firstly loosen the wheel nuts with the car on the ground, jack the car and then placed 2 wooden sleeper blocks under the car for support. Yes they hold a train so an accord is no problem.
    Then locate the drop link
    A little rusty but undamaged .
    Normally you would fit an Allen key into the end and use a spanner to undo the nut (14mm) in this case I decided to cut the nut off using the dremel.
    Not too clean a cut but then using a hammer and chisel the nut was removed

    Then the with a hammer and chisel I removed the plastic pins on the upper joint and removed the arm itself
    This left just the upper bolt in place so again with the dremel the nut was cut image. image. image.
    A bit better cut on this one. Again using the hammer and chisel crack the nut off and remove the link.Leaving this
    Now to reassemble again as I'm only doing one side it's a little tricky but fairly simple to do.
    Take the new drop link
    Fit to the anti roll bar and tighten the nut up just a few threads.
    You will find that it will not align to the lower hole so what I did was replace the wheel just a couple of nuts to take the weight, raise the jack and remove one of the wooden blocks.
    Lower the jack keeping an eye on the link until the bottom bolt and hole were aligned.
    Fit the bolt and place the nut on and tighten slightly.
    Raise the jack replace the support block, remove the wheel allowing access to the link. Take the relevant Allen key I have one shortened as it fits easier than a standard one, image. and in my case a 17mm spanner.
    Holding the Allen key in place tighten the nut(same top and bottom).
    The end result
    Bottom nut to to tighten.
    Finally raise the jack,replace the wheel fully, remove the support blocks lower the jack and finally recheck the link nuts for tightness.
    Total time for this was 50 minutes.
    The other side the day before took me over 4 hours trying to cut nuts off with a junior hacksaw not advisable if you can afford one get a dremel
    image. It's been a tremendous purchase I even got my HR-V exhaust manifold off and the new one refitted in about 1.1/2 hours.


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  1. hondream
    Great guide.
    Mr Haynes' sales will go down. lol
    1. MickyB
      Author's Response
      Could rewrite them
  2. Nighthawk
    Nicely done mate. Pretty much how I did mine
    1. MickyB
      Author's Response
      The dremel is a godsend.
  3. legend-ary
    Good stuff Micky! I intend to replace mine aswell soon so this will come in very handy.
    1. MickyB
      Author's Response
      Hope it helps the first one I was tearing my hair out trying to use a junior hacksaw. Then the missus said go and buy one of those things you want. The dremel arrived and it was done very quickly, so a grinder of sorts is a must.
  4. Nels
    Super stuff Micky. Thank you for sharing.
  5. SpeedyGee
    That's a job well done and nice little guide Micky !