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  1. Nels
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    Installation instructions for the front bumper corner protectors.
    These are the 2011 updated shape.

    Fitting This must be done when the temperature is above 15C

    The kit includes a small cardboard template to help position them correctly. I used this as a guide. There is only a small area where the trim meets the guide and therefore significant room for error.

    Before sticking the template in position, use it to identify the area where the trim will go. Clean this area with the alcohol wipe provided to ensure all traces of wax etc. are removed.

    The bottom edge of the template needs to be lined up curve above the fog light. - Note the red arrows in the picture below.

    1    IMG_8468  1  1  D.

    I used a fan heater to warm the trim up.

    2    IMG_8469  1  D.

    Remove the backing strips on both ends and then peel back and fold over the remaining red strips.

    3    IMG_8470  1  D.

    Gently and carefully position the trim in place. Ensure that the ridge line of the trim is parallel with the line on the bumper. - green arrows below.
    5    IMG_8472  1  D.

    The adhesive is very sticky, so it only need to just touch the bumper to initially hold. This gives you chance to align it correctly. When this is done, pull off the two remaining backing strips and then firmly press the trim in place. I used a soft cloth for this.

    Do not wash the car for at least 24 hours.

    Job done!

    Front Bod Garnishes_0001. Front Bod Garnishes_0002. Front Bod Garnishes_0003. Front Bod Garnishes_0004.

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  1. Ichiban
    Version: 2015-05-14
    Simple when you know it.Thanks Nelsy.
    1. Nels
      Author's Response
      Now it can be seen how easy this is, it may prompt others to get them.