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  1. Nels
    Difficulty Level:
    Installation instructions for the front rubber mats.
    The mats are available in black or grey.

    Tools Required
    Sharp utility knife
    Flat blade screwdriver or similar

    There are 4 clips. Here are some pictures of some of them from different angles.
    1  IMG_8623.JPG

    2  IMG_8628.JPG

    3  IMG_8630.JPG

    The carpet needs to be cut to fit the clips. The location (circled in red) is partly pre-cut. The blue lines indicate where these are.



    IMG_8612  1.

    The green lines are where you need to make additional cuts. Be careful not to cut/damage any other parts of the carpet.
    Note: The section nearest the seat only needs 1 cut. The flap of carpet is then folded backwards,, underneath the remaining carpet.

    IMG_8612  2.


    Insert the clip as shown.

    Use the screwdriver (or as I did, the handle section of a flat spanner) to support the clip whilst you push the top down and click to lock.

    Note the arrow points forwards. Repeat this for the remaining 3 sections of carpet/clips.


    Position the mats and turn the tab to lock it into place.

    Front Rubber Mats_0001. Front Rubber Mats_0002. Front Rubber Mats_0003.

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  1. Ichiban
    Version: 2015-05-14
    I can't Imagine how many times these install steps have been request despite being so straight forward.
    1. Nels
      Author's Response
      It's so much easier to understand when you can see the diagrams. Just another (little) resource that hopefully will help.