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    Here is a quick and easy fix for the bad closing glovebox on the Accord 7th Generation. Apparently this affects quite a few cars and maybe other models too.

    The Problem

    If your glovebox is not closing flush, has a gap or light can be seen out of it when its closed, this fix may be able to help you. An example of a bad glovebox is shown below:


    Tools and Parts

    In order to carry out this job you will need:

    - A phillips head screwdriver
    - A small round file
    - Vice or g-clamp
    - A pair of wire snips or side cutters

    No parts are needed


    1. Remove Glovebox

    Firstly you need to remove the glovebox, you can do this job with it in situ but you will find it considerably easier with it fully removed. To do this first Empty the glovebox.


    Then remove the soft open strut from the left hand side of the glovebox, this can be done by pushing it backwards by hand.


    Then you can unhook the top of the glovebox allowing it to swing right out. You do this by grabbing the top corners of the compartment and pulling them inwards until they release the glovebox.



    The last step is to remove the two hinge screws. These are accessed from underneath the glovebox. The tops can be seen in the photo below. Be careful to support the glovebox with one hand to prevent breaking the hinges while you do this.


    Once the two screws are out the whole glovebox will separate.

    2. Removing the latch hook

    Working from inside the dashboard looking up you will find the latch hook assembly. This has 3 screws that need to be removed. The latch will then come loose.

    (I don't have any photos of this, please send me some if you do this yourself!)

    3. Remove the alignment studs

    Back inside the car under the dashboard you will find 3 plastic alignment studs that went through the 3 holes in the latch hook that were not filled with screws.

    You need to use the cutters to cut these plastic studs off as close to the base as possible.

    4. Modifying the latch hook

    Once you have removed the latch, you will see it has 6 holes in it.


    Using a round file (Such as the one pictured above) remove the material in between the holes as shown in the diagrams below. Make sure to clamp the latch firmly in a vice or using a g clamp in order to make a clean job of this.

    Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 21.38.50 (2).

    5. Replace and adjust latch hook

    Once your new latch is ready, replace it in the original position and loosely screw in the 3 screws into the new slots.

    You can then move the latch up and down in order to adjust the tightness of the close on the glovebox.


    You will need to experiment with the position of the latch. I found it best around half way up. However this does not give a perfect flush close, but it is far better than before. Depending on how often you use the glovebox you may want the latch even higher for the best look. However this will make the glovebox much harder to latch. Have a play around with the settings.

    When you are happy make sure to tighten up all 3 screws to a firm hand tightness with a screwdriver. Be careful to get it tight but not enough to strip the screws as they are into plastic. You may get better results by adding locking washers to the screws as well.

    6. Replace glovebox.

    Replacement is the reverse of removal, don't forget to reattach the soft open arm to the side.


    Voila! A nice looking glovebox again.



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