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  1. dinoc
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    Before installing this, on my CL9 I had the Xcarlink iPod unit, which worked fine.

    Well... it worked fine for my wife as she has an iPhone but didn't work for me at all I have an Android phone :Smile:

    I've emailed those guys from Xcarlink asked them if they sell any Android compatible unit, but the answer was negative.

    I did not want any Bluetooth or FM streaming units. I was looking for a wired one. It could be easier/cheaper just to sell my HTC One and buy an iPhone but I refused to go that route, I hate ISO/Apple and their proprietary things (cables, software...)

    So I started to Google around and finally found this Silicon Valley bared company Grom Audio which sells units compatible with Android, iPod and regular USB sticks.

    They have a UK dealer where I've bought if from: GROM-USB3 USB Android iPhone Kits - Products

    So I've ordered one and today I've replaced my Xcarlink with this one.

    I'm not going to post pictures with the install , as the install is similar with the Xcarlink install , for which there are a lot of tutorials on this forum, also.

    Basically as I have a CL9 with Navi unit, I've followed this great tutorial in order to remove the Navi unit:

    After all these I've managed to replace my Xcarlink unit with the Grom Audio unit.

    As I was interested in connecting either both, an iPhone and an Android phone I've ordered only the USB2microUSB cable and iPod cable.

    You can also order the Aux 3.5 cable or a separate unit for Bluetooth unit but I did not need these so I did not ordered them.

    Within USB3 kit, the USB port is used for both Android and iPod/iPhone or USB stick/HDD.
    So you don't need to switch from USB mode to iPod mode (like you had to with the USB2 version) or you don't need any proprietary Grom iPod cables (you will use the phone USB cable).

    The quality of the sound is very very good (DAC 18bit) for either playing from Android phone or from the iPhone or from the USB stick. It plays FLAC, AAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, WAV.

    The steering wheel buttons work for changing the songs and volume very well.
    You can play other apps also like YouTube, Google cloud Music, Pandora, Last FM etc. from both Android or iPhone and still have steering wheel input support.

    Also if you have an incoming call (while having the phone paired to the Bluetooth, it will mute the music automatically and resume after finishing the call. Or if you have a voice indication from your navigation unit (or navigation running on your phone) the music just reduces the volume automatically so you could hear the voice indication and resumes back the volume after.

    Basically it emulates the CD changer behavior.

    Also worth to mention the phones are maintained charged while connected to the Grom Unit.

    These guys from Grom Audio seem to have a great support, they are releasing new firmwares and you can upgrade the firmware on these units.

    So I'm happy that I replaced my Xcarlink unit with the Grom Audio one , finally I can hear the music from my Android phone, iPhone and USB stick too, and the phones are kept charged at the same time, no other charge cables are needed.

    Later I installed an USB in-dash adapter kit, and put it under the Navi unit.

    You can see it where is located in this video I made (sorry is in my language, I made it some time ago for my local forum).
    But you can make an idea at least to see where I installed my port, and how the music is played from Android phone, iPhone or USB stick using the same USB port.

    In time I found some bugs which I have reported to USA support, and they were solved by firmware upgrade, they offer great support in this area.

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