Honda Civic Tourer Design Specifications

Civic 5 Door Tourer 14- [FK2]-R18Z4

  1. Ichiban
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    ENGINEFuel requiredPremium UNLEADED petrol with 95 Research Octane Number or higher
    CLUTCHTypeSingle plate dry, diaphragm spring
    MANUAL TRANSMISSIONTypeSynchronized, six-speed forward, one reverse
    Primary reductionDirect 1:1
    Gear ratio1st3.142
    Final reductionTypeSingle helical gear
    Gear ratio4.294
    AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONTypeElectronically-controlled automatic, five-speed forward, one reverse, three-element torque converter with lock-up clutch
    Primary reductionDirect 1:1
    Gear ratio1st2.666
    Final reductionTypeSingle helical gear
    Gear ratio4.437
    STEERINGTypeRack and pinion with electrical power-assisted
    Overall ratio16 inch wheel13.19
    17 inch wheel13.39
    Turns, lock-to-lock16 inch wheel2.63
    17 inch wheel2.49
    Steering wheel diameter365-369 mm (14.37-14.53 in)
    SUSPENSIONTypeFrontIndependent strut with stabilizer, coil spring
    RearTorsion beam, coil spring
    Shock absorberFront and rearTelescopic, hydraulic, nitrogen gas-filled
    TYRESSizeSee tyre information label attached to driver's doorjamb.
    BRAKESType of service brakeFrontPower-assisted self-adjusting ventilated disc
    RearPower-assisted self-adjusting solid disc
    Type of parking brakeMechanical actuating, rear wheels
    AIR CONDITIONINGCompressorTypeScroll
    Capacity97.9 mL (5.97 cu in)/rev
    Maximum speed10,000 min-1 (rpm)
    Lubricant capacity75 mL (2 1/2 fl oz, 2.64 Imp oz)
    Lubricant typeSP-10
    CondenserTypeCorrugated fin
    EvaporatorTypeCorrugated fin
    BlowerTypeStabilized swirling flow
    Motor type220 W/12 V
    Speed controlInfinitely variable
    Maximum capacity465 m3 (16,421 cu ft)/h
    Temperature controlAir-mix type
    Compressor clutchTypeDry, single plate, poly V-belt drive
    Electrical power consumption at 20 °C (68 °F)42 W maximum at 12 V
    RefrigerantTypeHFC-134a (R-134a)
    Capacity (RHD)395-445 g (13.9-15.7 oz)
    Capacity (LHD)355-405 g (12.5-14.3 oz)
    ELECTRICAL RATINGSBattery12 V-60 Ah/20 HR (12 V-48 Ah/5 HR)
    FusesBattery terminal fuse box100 A
    Under-hood fuse/relay box100 A, 70 A, 60 A, 50 A, 40 A, 30 A, 20 A, 15 A, 10 A, 7.5 A
    Under-dash fuse/relay box30 A, 20 A, 15 A, 10 A, 7.5 A
    Under-dash sub fuse/relay box20 A, 7.5 A
    Auxiliary under-dash fuse holder7.5 A
    Light bulbsHeadlight high beam12 V-55 W (H7)
    Headlight low beam12 V-55 W (H7)
    Front position lightsLED
    Front turn signal lights12 V-21 W
    Side turn lightsLED
    Front fog lights12 V-55 W (H11)
    Rear fog light12 V-21 W
    Rear turn signal lights12 V-21 W
    Brake lights/taillightsLED
    High mount brake lightLED
    Back-up lights12 V-21 W
    License plate lights12 V-5 W
    Ceiling light12 V-8 W
    Front individual map lights12 V-8 W
    Cargo area light12 V-5 W
    Glove box light12 V-3.4 W
    Ambient lightLED
    Vanity mirror lights12 V-2 W
    Door lining illuminationLED