Honda Civic Type-R Resetting Engine Oil Monitor System

Civic 5 Door 15- [FK2]

  1. Ichiban
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    Engine Oil Monitor
    NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, illustrations used in the procedure are for RHD model.
    Follow the procedure for Service Reminder System when the Service Reminder System is already being active.


    How to access the Engine Oil Monitor
    NOTE: The actual distance might be much shortened than the remaining distance showing on the Engine Oil Monitor because of driving condition.

    1. Turn the vehicle to the ON mode.
    2. Press the MENU button to go to the ‘‘Vehicle menu'' screen. If the enlarged warning(s) is shown on the multi-information display, cancel the warning(s) by pushing the INFO button first.
    3. Press the Audio Remote/Multi-Information Display Switch, and select ‘‘Vehicle information’’, then press the Source/Enter Button.
    4. Press the Source/Enter Button again to go to the "Maintenance info" screen. The maintenance item appears on the screen.
    Resetting the Engine Oil Monitor System
    a)The vehicle must be stopped to reset the Engine Oil Monitor System.
    b) If the required service is done and the system is not reset, or if the system is reset without doing the service, the system will not show the proper maintenance timing. This can lead to serious engine troubles because there will be no accurate record of the vehicle when the required maintenance is needed.
    c) Even if the enlarged warning (SERVICE DUE NOW) does not appear (remaining distance does not reach to "0"), perform the needing service indicated by the maintenance item when one year has passed from the last maintenance.

    1. Turn the vehicle to the ON mode.

    2. Refer to the "How to access Engine Oil Monitor," display the Engine Oil Monitor on the multi-information display.

    3. Press the Source/Enter Button to show the reset mode. To cancel the reset mode, select "NO" (A), then press the Source/Enter Button.

    4. To reset the Engine Oil Monitor System, select "YES" (A) by the Audio Remote/Multi-Information Display Switch, then press the Source/Enter Button
    upload_2015-11-10_1-28-9. 5. "Maintenance information has been reset." (A) will be shown on the display, and the display will return to the Engine Oil Monitor. You will see the next required maintenance item and remaining distance.