Honda DAB radio kit 08D02-TL0-KIT install

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    Hi Guys.
    I finally got around to fitting my DAB kit 08D02-TL0-KIT at the weekend.

    This is an updated guide in that the pictures in the original guide went missing prior to the site merger etc. These pictures are provided by Kristian from Norway which is for a LHD car. RHD is just a mirror opposite.

    The fitting instructions which are provided are very comprehensive and are included on the web link.

    1. Disconnect battery-IMPORTANT ensure you have the radio code.
    2. Remove passenger A pillar trim.
    3. Trim around glove box.
    4. Centre console trim.
    5. Trim to the right of console toward steering wheel.
    6. HVAC control unit.
    7. Depending on model-6 CD changer (Premium model).
    8. Fit DAB unit.
    9. Refit items in 6 & 7.
    10. Test installation, if OK refit all panels removed ETC.

    Keep the HVAC cables out of the way! ONE WILL FIT THE CD UNIT AS I FOUND OUT!!!

    A pillar trim removal is not a case of pulling/levering off. According to Honda service manual briefly hit the panel by the embossed print this will release the securing pin from the grommet. If this is not done the trim will not come off. Apparently the grommet will need replacing! Mine seemed OK.

    The pin on the trim is metal and forms a cross section which locates in a grommet. In my case the grommet came out of the frame so needed removing from the pin and refitting in the frame. Refitting ensure the cross section aligns up and just push the trim in gently. See picture of trim and pin.


    Aerial fitting. Once the A pillar trim is removed this is what you will see.

    On the pillar there is a handy notch and on the windscreen and handy mark which will help with locating the aerial in the correct place. I removed some paint so that the earth for the aerial will bond.

    Aerial fitted.

    I tried to run the cables down by the windscreen without success. So run it down by the door seal and up behind the glove box by removing the filter cover and in to the required location.
    DAB unit fitting. DO NOT install where they say in the instructions as you will not be able to refit the CD changer. I found a bar under the radio control unit which I tie wrapped to, no picture as it's too dark and nothing to see but really obvious if you do this.

    Refit HVAC and CD unit, reconnect battery enter radio code when prompted and test DAB. If okay refit all trim panels removed earlier.




    A review will follow separately.


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