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  1. dinoc
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    My Honda Hands Free System failed a few days ago.

    All started when the paired phone did not connect to the HFS.
    Tried a re-pairing but it didn't work.
    The HFS Test (when keeping pressed the Phone Cancel button from the steering wheel for 5 sec) passed every time.
    Also the HFS responded fine to all voice inputs (for Phone setup or Navigation voice input) except for the Bluetooth pairing part with the phone.
    The worst scenario while keep trying to keep pairing the phone is that it drained the car battery.
    One of the main issues beside the non working Blueeoth part is that the module doesn't go to stand by mode anymore and it will drain the battery.

    After reading all this thread from the US forum:
    Bluetooth Fails - Page 3 - AcuraZine Community

    I decided to see if I can fix it. I removed it from the car (it is located under the top of the stereo.
    Is kept by two screws there, whiach are easily to unscrew and remove the main cable.

    I decided to try first to replace the condenser. I did but but it didn't solve my problem.
    I was unable to pair the phone.
    I decided to put back the condenser and took the board to a profesional electronic repair shop and ask them if they can try reballing the Bluetooth chipset.
    They did not have all the parts for doing a reballing and they suggested to try a soldering reflow only for the Bluetooth chipset.

    So I agree this and after I tried it on my car, and I was able to instantly pair my phone to the HFS.
    So it look like I was able to have it fixed this way.

    Also after testing successfully the HFS and Bluetooth system I made a test to see if the Bluetooth module enters in stand-by after locking the car (just to make sure it won't drain the battery).
    Using an Ampermeter I connected to the battery (serial mode) and measured the Ampers after locking the car.

    After 10 minutes you should see the consumption should go down drastically.
    For instant in my case after locking the car I had a 0.28A consumption and after 10 minutes it dropped to 0.07A (I have an aftermarket Viper alarm which consumes a little also, with the stock alarm it should go under 0.0.5A). So it passed the stand-by test also.

    Now it remains to see for how long the fix will work :Smile:


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    Brill work dinoc :)