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  1. Nels
    There is a shorter version in the FAQ section:
    FAQ #10: How do I add my vehicle to the Club Garage?

    How to add your vehicle to the Club Garage

    You will need

    • Some photographs of your vehicle
    • Your registration document OR chassis and engine codes
    • A list of modifications you plan or have made to your vehicle
    • The colour or paint code of your vehicle - usually on your VIN or door pillar

    1 Click the 'Club Garage' tab
    2 Click the 'Add your Honda'


    Now from 'Model/Generation', select your Honda from the drop down list.



    This will take you to this screen.


    From 'Name Your Honda' choose the type of usage.
    e.g. Daily Driver, Weekend Toy...
    and give her a name e.g. 'My 4th Accord'


    'Brief Description'
    Shows on the garage list view. If left blank this will be auto-generated from the info below.


    Select your model from the drop down list.
    Precisely which model do you own? If your model isn't listed please contact a staff member to get it added in.



    The year your car was manufactured, must be in 4 digits.


    Your model's grade or trim level, such as Sport, Type-R, Executive or SE.


    The Honda colour name such as "Milano Red" or "Pirates Black". If you don't know and want to find out, check out our Brochures & Manuals section and look-up your model, or alternatively check for the info sticker/plate on the front door sills/pillars.


    Your engine code such as "K20A2", "B16C" or "H22A7". This field only accepts letters and numbers with no spaces or symbols. If you don't know, you can either find it on your VIN plate in the engine bay, look-up other models here in the garage for clues, or just create a help thread and ask other members.


    Select your 'Transmission' from the drop down list.
    Whether your car is an automatic, manual or uses Honda's "CVT" technology



    'Chassis Code'
    The chassis code for your vehicle for example "CL9", "FN2" or "DC5". If you don't know your chassis code, don't worry, this field is optional - however you can find it from your VIN number.

    e.g. JHMCU1xxxxxxxxxxx
    . SHHCC7xxxxxxxxxxxx


    You may include the current mileage if you wish, this is not required. Numbers only and in miles, for your reference, there's approximately 5 miles to every 8 kilometres

    'Show in Signature'
    Whether to show or hide this vehicle in your forum signature.


    'Show as Modified'
    Do you want to enable the "Mods" notice in your signature?


    'Basic Information'
    Describe your car, what grade and optional extras it may have. You can make some notes on it's history, whether it's your daily driver or a dedicated project car. Modifications can be noted down in the next tab.


    'Modifications & Optional Extras'
    Note down what modifications you've made to your car. It can be useful for other members to know where you brought items for, or how much they cost. Whatever you choose to share is entirely up-to you.


    'Service History'

    Created a chronological list of updates to our car, useful for making one central list of various threads that relate to your car. The

      • BBCode will come in handy.

    • DA.

      You can now 'Upload Images to Gallery'
      These will be the photographs that appear at the start of you garage entry.

      If you do not complete it all in on go then, 'Save as Draft'
      If selected, will save this item as a Draft. Draft Items can only be accessed by the author of the item. Draft Items are listed in a sidebar block on "Your Items" page

      Finally, click 'Add Your Car' and that's it.
      Time for a :Tea:
    Please Note: It may take a couple of hours or so before your vehicle appears in the Club Garage. This is normal and not a fault.


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