How to change/replace numberplate light

accord 2008-2014 8th Generation salon

  1. micko
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    A little diy for the numberplate light. i just put in some led to make it a bit sexy :Smile:

    the the led bulb i use is the same as for the doors. w5w t10 bulb
    1. open the boot and take out the screw that holds the cardbord

    2. now u have to disconnet the to ligths.
    20150626_183822. 20150626_183914.

    3. now u have to take of the cover that sit over the plate and under the ligth. it pops out very easy
    20150626_183834. 20150626_183841. 20150626_183857.

    4. now u can put youre arm in and push out the light.

    5. when u have the light out u have to take i apart by pressing the 2 sides together

    6. now just take the old bulb out and put the new led bulb in.

    7. now u just do it in reverse and thats it.

    it took me 10 min to do.

    good luck to you all

    20150626_184617. 20150626_184810.

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