How to send a Private Message (PM)

Junior Members and above

  1. Nels
    A shorter version of this is aslo available in the FAQ section.

    Please Note - You must have a rank of Junior Member or above to send a PM

    To start a Private Message (PM).

    1. Click or position the cursor over your Inbox and select Start a Conversation OR
    2. Click on the name of the member you want contact.
    PM 1.1.1. PM2.1.1.

    If you click on a member's name, then select Start a Conversation, the recipient's details are automatically filled in.


    If you started from your Inbox, you will need to enter the recipients name


    As you type, a shortlist will appear. Select the member to contact. Add other recipients if wanted.


    A ...Give your PM a title
    B ...Enter your message.
    C ...If you select this, other members can be invited into your PM. Leave blank if you wish to keep this conversation private.
    D ...Only select this is you do not want a reply.

    Click Start a Conversation to send your message.


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