Rear Body Trims 2015-05-14

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  1. Nels
    Difficulty Level:
    Installation instructions for the rear bumper corner protectors.
    These were originally available painted or unpainted.

    Rear Bumper Body Trims
    This must be done when the temperature is above 15C

    These do not have a template. The upper front half is flat and this section aligns with the contours of the rear bumper. See the red arrows on the following photographs.

    1    IMG_8594  1.

    2    IMG_8596  1.

    The guide does stipulate the distances, but I found it easier to align these points, with the aid of some masking tape. I used a pencil to mark the centre line of the bumper ridges. The bumper was cleaned with the wipes provided to remove all wax and polish.

    3    IMG_8599.

    The strip was then fixed in the same way as the front ones.

    4    IMG_8600.

    Repeat for the other side and that's it.

    5    IMG_8604.

    6    IMG_8602  1.

    7    IMG_8606.

    Rear Body Trims_0001. Rear Body Trims_0002.


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    3. 4    IMG_8600.jpg
    4. 5    IMG_8604.jpg
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