Refurbishment of faded mud guards

All non painted mud guards

  1. k20a3
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    Hi folks.
    Thought I would try to post my first guide.

    Something that's always bugged me about my Type-S is the badly faded mud guards. They were are almost white!

    This detracts from the car so much, especially being a black car. So I have done a little research into ways to restore it. I have finally decided to go with the more tricky choice of applying heat.

    So using the front drivers guard as a guide, firstly remove the 3 x 8mm nuts also phillips heads to release the guard.


    The innermost one is a little harder to reach but I did all the guards with the car on the ground and wheels on.

    Now its removed give it a really good clean inside and out. I used foaming spray cleaner.

    Give it about 5 minutes to work, then clean it all off and fully dry it.


    Its still a little damp here which is why it looks darker than when it was removed. Then put it in a vice gently to avoid damage to hold it in place.

    I bought a very cheap heat gun and used it on the lowest of 2 settings.


    Then on the lowest setting make steady swirling motions at about 4 inches from the guard. IMG_0129.JPG
    Keep heating it until it turns glossy and continue along the whole of the guard. You must keep moving along to avoid over heating the plastic. Switch off the heater and wait. Do not touch the guard whilst it appears glossy or the finish will be spoiled.

    Within a few seconds of cooling the whole area will turn to a darker matt surface.


    Then after about 4-5 minutes buff the area with a clean cloth or paper towel. This brings a good permanent shine to the surface as shown in the top half of the guard pictured above.

    Once all done bolt back onto the car. Please be aware on the front of these Civics with side skirts the innermost guard bolt also holds the skirt in place.


    All back on the car and looking far better than before. Just compare this to the original picture.

    I hope this is of help to some of you. I am very pleased with the results. How long this will last? I will report back at a later date.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Awesome_Ian
    I would not have expected such an awesome result without buying new ones. Top stuff, I'll need to add it to my to do wish list
    1. k20a3
      Author's Response
      I've given you more work to do sorry :)
  2. SpeedyGee
    Good work Joe
    1. k20a3
      Author's Response
      Thanks speedy, these little details actually make a lot of difference.
  3. jazzway
    Very great job, almost as new!!
    It will last forever when you now protect them from the elements with a good rubber/tyre dressing.
    1. k20a3
      Author's Response
      Thanks, I will do that..
  4. legend-ary
    Fantastic! Great write up..
    1. k20a3
      Author's Response
      Many thanks.
  5. Nels
    Nicely done there Joe.
    1. k20a3
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review