Remove and Replace Pollen Filter

Civic 01-05

  1. RogerH69
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    Checking and (when needed) replacing the pollen filter (or cabin filter) is required as part of regular maintenance of any car.

    My car uses 2 pollen filters, according to, the part numbers are 80292-SCA-G01 and 80292-SCA-E11. I used a set of equivalent Bosch pollen filters from Halfords.

    Tools Required -

    None whatsoever :Grin:

    Time required - 5 minutes

    Open and empty your glove-box

    Using your right hand, push the right hand side of the glovebox inwards

    At the same time, using your left hand, push the left hand side of the glovebox inwards

    Pull the glove-box towards you, and it should open all the way as below

    Looking under the dash, behind the glove-box, you will see a black plastic enclosure with a black cover (some Civic models may have a white plastic cover), with a clip on the bottom

    Pull the end of the plastic clip upwards, to loosen it, and the cover should hinge up and then detach

    With the front cover removed, you can see the 2 pollen filters, as indicated by the arrows below

    Take note of the air flow direction indicator on the pollen filter housing, as you need to ensure it is aligned the same way after removing and refitting

    Reach in and grab the plastic tab on the housing for pollen filter 1 and pull it towards you

    This one actually doesn't look too dirty, so it looks like the previous owner replaced them at least once

    Reach in and grab the plastic tab on the housing for pollen filter 2 and slide it to the right

    And then pull it towards you to remove it

    This one is also not too bad

    Note the Air Flow direction indicators on the pollen filter housings

    These are the replacement filters I got. They both seem to be exactly the same, so I don;t think it matters which one goes into which pollen filter housing

    Note the pollen filters also have Air Flow direction indicators. The pollen filters that I removed did not have Air Flow direction indicators, but then they were cheap ass Crosland filters (£3.82 at Halfords. The Halfords website however shows the filters with indicators on them, so maybe the newer ones have them)

    To remove the pollen filters from the housing, simply push them from the top, as below

    Once the pollen filters are removed, you can replace them with the new ones. As below, ensure that you align the Air Flow direction indicators on the filter to the housing

    Ensure that the plastic tabs indicated below fit behind the last 'fold' on each end of the pollen filter

    Insert pollen filter 2 housing and slide it to the left

    Then insert pollen filter 1 housing

    Replace the front cover by aligning the clips at the top of the cover with the top of the pollen filter enclosure, and then tilt it down and clip the front in place.

    Tilt the glove-box back up, and push the sides in (the same as when removing it earlier), to allow the stoppers on the sides of the glove-box to fit back in place

    You're done

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    Brilliant; and easy to follow! Thank you for posting the link.
    1. RogerH69
      Author's Response
      Thanks :-)
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    Nice right up Roger, plenty of pics
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    Nice easy quick 5 minute job
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    An easy job when you know where to look.
    Thank you Roger.
    1. RogerH69
      Author's Response
      True. I will admit I used the Hayes guide to find the pollen filter enclosure initially, because a guide I saw on another website referred to a black enclosure with a white cover :-)