Remove interior and Exterior Tailgate Trim

Civic 01-05

  1. RogerH69
    Difficulty Level:
    Tools required -
    • 10mm Socket
    • Small flat head screw driver / trim removal tool
    • Philips screw driver

    Time required - 5 - 10 minutes

    Interior Tailgate Trim

    The interior trim on the tailgate comprises of 5 pieces -​
      • Upper trim piece
      • 2 side trim pieces
      • Main trim piece
      • Access panel
    With the tailgate open, insert a small trim removal tool, or a small flat screwdriver into the indentation on one end of the upper trim piece. Pull it towards you to loosen the end clip of this trim piece

    Once the end of the upper trim piece is loose, grab it with your finger, and slowly pull it towards you, twisting it a little (but not too much) to release the remainder of the clips

    Once the upper trim piece is loose, starting at the top end of one of the side trim pieces, pull the trim piece towards you, to loosen the clips holding it in place. Continue down the length of the trim piece, pulling the trim towards you to loosen the clips.

    Repeat this process on the other side trim piece

    Once the side trim pieces are loose, use your small trim removal tool, or small flat head screw driver to prise open the access panel, using the 4 indentations along it's length.

    Use the Philips head screw driver to remove the screw in the door handle recess

    On either side of the tailgate latch, there are 2 trim clips. To remove these, carefully push the center ping of the clip to loosen the clip (do not push it further that shown below)

    Use a fingernail, trim removal tool, or small flat head screw driver to pull the trim clip out of the hole

    Starting at the top of the main trim piece (just below the window), pull the trim towards you, to loosen the clips

    Continue working your way around the mail trim piece, pulling it away from the tailgate, to loosen the clips. The picture below shows where the various clips are located.

    Once all the clips are loose, remove the main trim piece

    Exterior Tailgate Trim -

    Once you have the main trim piece loose, you will need to use the 10mm socket to remove 2 bolts
    IMG_20150321_124044. IMG_20150321_124100.

    IMG_20150321_124411. IMG_20150321_124511.

    Once the 2 bolts are loose, you need to pull the exterior trim away from the tailgate, to loosen 4 white plastic clips holding it in place, You may need to pinch the plastic clips with your fingers to help them release.
    IMG_20150321_124738. IMG_20150321_124745.

    IMG_20150321_124801. IMG_20150321_124807.

    When the clips are loose, remove the trim
    IMG_20150321_125154. IMG_20150321_125201.
    Refitting the Trim -

    Refitting the trim is a reverse of removing it -
    • Fit the exterior trim and secure it with the 2 bolts
    • Fit the main interior trim piece, securing it with the screw in the door handle recess, as well as the 2 trim clips. To fit the trim clips, pull the centre pin out, as below

    • Then insert the trim clip though the relevant hole in the main trim piece, and then push the pin in to secure the trim piece

    • Fit the access panel
    • Fit the 2 side trim pieces
    • Fit the upper trim piece
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