removing/cleaning/changing front brakes

accord 2008-2014 8th Generation

  1. micko
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    a little DIY for the front brakes.

    1. first we take of the wheel. I think there is 5 bolts :Smile:

    2. the we take of the metal spring thing that holds the caliber. just give it a good pull.
    20150615_095052. 20150615_095102. 20150615_095111.

    3. now we have to take the sliding pins out. remove the little black cap on the rubber seal (allready removed) and the unscrew the to pins.
    20150615_093801. 20150615_093741.

    4. now we have to pull of the caliber. just pull it a bit up and down and it will pop out.

    5. now we just take of the pads. if the pads are done then just put them in the bin. if not then we will give then a clean and re use them. mine are going to be re used. when the pads are removed from the caliber u have to hang the caliber with something, in my case i used strips.

    20150615_095227. 20150615_095522. 20150615_095526.

    6. if you want to take the disc of you will have to take of the holder to. U will have to take out 2 screws and then it will fall of by its self. and then u just take of the disc.
    20150615_095534. 20150615_095936.

    7. and now it is up to u what u want to do. clean them or change them. mine was only cleaned this time. and remeber to use silicone grease for the pins becuase they get in contact with rubber and then u can use cobber grease for the bolt and edges on the pads.
    20150615_102251. 20150615_102950. 20150615_103234.

    8. when u have to put it all together just do it in reverse.

    good luck everybody.

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  1. SpeedyGee
    You're on a roll @micko, another great guide !
  2. Ichiban
    Good stuff mate we now have a guide for the standard brakes.
    1. micko
      Author's Response
      I'll do one for the rears later