Replacing fuel filter

I imagine all Accord Mk VIII

  1. K24 CL9 GUY
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    Before anything else disconnect your battery with a 10mm spanner negative first and tucked away from any metal then the live also.
    Then open the fuel cap to relieve the pressure and ideally you want as little fuel in your tank as poss.

    So first of all clear your boot and wheel well then lift the carpet to gain access to the filter which is just behind the rear seats. To keep the smell of fuel out of the car I proped the boot carpet with a screwdriver and pair of scissors which were the closest thing to hand.
    I then swept the area to make sure nothing would fall into the tank.
    I then undid the screw holding the cable in place with a 10mm socket
    You then need to pull the grey sticky pad from one side carefully so not to rip it so are able to free the cable then undo the three screws holding the plate down with a philips screwdriver to gain access but lift it only slightly as need to disconnect an electrical connector attached to the underneath of the plate.
    You can then detatch the connector by pressing in the tab and pulling it up with a lil wiggle.
    You can then put the cover plate to one side that has the cable attached.
    Now next you need to release the fuel pipe by pressing in the tabs and pulling it *NOTE* you need to be prepared for this part as you will see in my next pic I wasn't. I had a bucket and old sheets but once you pull it off trust me it spurts out but this may have something to do with having half a tank of fuel still?
    I would advise covering the whole area in old sheets, having paper towel at the ready and a old 2ltrs plastic bottle to hand so can quickly put the pipe into it to catch what spurts out - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED :Smile:
    I then taped the fuel pipe to the side so wouldn't be in the way when start to take the filter out
    Once you have removed the bolts holding the filter cap in position with an 8mm socket you can carefully pull the filter up and out but will need to angle it slightly to get the bottom part out and put straight into a bucket that I had ready sat in the wheel well.
    I put the bucket down onto the floor with the filter in it then used a clean sheet and the plate to cover the hole to the take so no foreign objects could make their way in while worked on the filter.
    Time to strip the old filter down and build the new one using exciting components on the new filter. I led it down on an old but clean bed sheet with the new one at the ready.
    Now you need to disconnect all the electrical connectors so make sure take plenty of pics and memorise where things go when it's time to put it back together again.
    Once all disconnected you can prey the top part from the bottom by using a flat head screwdriver to lever the three clips holding it together and once free it needs a good pull to release the pipe that runs down the middle with rubber seals making it tight.
    You can now pull down on the rubber seal and pop the three tabs holding the plate to the top of the filter which you will want to put onto your new one. There is a metal pipe that needs a good pull that also needs transferring over to the new top part. At this point it's best to have the new and old next to each other and make sure everything is removed from the old and put onto the new in the right position.
    Before I put anything from the old onto the new I took time to clean it all as my OCD told me too :Tongue:
    Now all back together again follow the same process in reverse and you will be done.
    I was happy was much cleaner in there too now although will probably never look in there again :Smile:

    Now all reconnected and sealed away you can put your petrol cap in, connect your battery and then you can pump the fuel back through the system by turning the key just to engage the ignition (not all the way) about ten to fifteen times just to be sure and your away.