Replacing Gear :tut: and Gear Gaiter

Civic 01-05

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    This guide will take you through replacing the gear :tut: and the gear gaiter on a 01 - 05 Civic. Note that the OEM gear knobs and gaiters are slightly different across the range. This guide was based on replacing the OEM gear :tut: and gaiter from a 2005 Civic Type-S with a Skunk 2 gear :tut: and a 'no-name' after market gaiter.

    Tools Required -
    • Adjustable spanner
    • Philips head screw driver
    Time required -

    15 to 30 minutes depending on the gear :tut: and gaiter you are using as replacement.

    Before starting, ensure that the ignition is completely off, as you will be disconnecting / connecting some electrical contacts during this process

    1 - Remove OEM lower center console trim

    OEM gear :tut: and gaiter 20150326_164031.JPG

    You first need to unclip the plastic gaiter top from the gear :tut:. This can be done by firmly gripping the gaiter top as below, and pulling firmly downwards. 20150326_164044.JPG

    Once the gaiter top has unclipped, feed it down along the gear lever 20150326_164103.JPG

    Grip the gear :tut: tightly and rotate it anti clock wise to unscrew it 20150326_164154.JPG

    Push the gear gaiter forward into the trim and hook some fingers on your left hand under the left side of the trim

    And at the same time hook some fingers on your right hand under the right hand side of the trim

    Pull the trim towards you to release the lower clips holding it in place. Carefully pull the side if the trim to release the other clips and then lift it away from the dash (not too far)

    ENSURE THAT THE IGNITION IS TURNED OFF and reach behind the trim to disconnect the connector plug for the cigarette lighter

    And for the hazard warning lights switch

    You can now remove the trim with the gear gaiter on it

    2 - Remove Gaiter from Trim

    Using the Philips head screw driver, remove the three screws indicated below. Note - in my car, the top screw is different from the other two (a little longer) so you may want to ensure you remember which screw goes where

    With the 3 screws removed, you take the gaiter assembly out of the console trim 20150326_180620.JPG

    Release the 3 plastic clips indicated below from their catches

    And you can remove the silver ring from the gaiter mounting ring

    This picture shows where the OEM gaiter was stapled to the gaiter mounting ring

    Remove the staples if yours has them. If yours does not have staples, then look how to release the gaiter and release the gaiter from the mounting ring

    And remove the gaiter

    Take special note of the way the gaiter mounting ring orientates to the console trim (as indicated by the small gap by the green arrow, and no gaps by the red arrows), as this will dictate how you orientate the replacement gear gaiter to the gaiter mounting ring.

    3 - Fit Replacement Gear Gaiter

    How you fit your replacement gaiter will depend on which gaiter you have purchased. If you purchased an OEM gaiter, simply fit it in reverse to removing it. The steps below will show fitting an after market gaiter that has 'flaps' of leather that match the OEM gaiter. 20150326_181238.JPG

    Note that the leather flaps have cuts in them. This is to allow them to be secured over the plastic tabs that the OEM gaiter was stapled to

    Start by orientating the gaiter to the 'top' of the gaiter mounting ring, as indicated below

    Working your way around the mounting ring, fit the gaiter over the OUTSIDE of the mounting ring

    Secure the gaiter to the mounting ring, depending on how your gaiter is designed. In my case, plastic tabs on the bottom of the mounting ring are pushed through the cuts in the leather flaps of the gaiter

    Ensure that the 3 clips are not covered (image only shows 2 of them - sorry)

    Now that the gaiter is secured to the mounting ring, replace the silver ring on top of the gaiter

    You will have to rotate the silver ring until you properly align the silver ring and the mounting ring as the 2 images below show (the bits in the circles need to be aligned)
    20150326_182142.JPG 20150326_182153.JPG

    Fit the 3 clips indicated below into their catches - the third one you fit can be tough to get in if the leather of the gaiter is thicker than before

    Your gear gaiter is now fitted again
    4 - Fit Gaiter to Trim

    Orientate the gaiter mounting ring correctly on the console trim

    And replace the screws (ensuring you use the correct screws in the correct holes if they are not all the same)


    5 - Fit Console Trim to Dash


    Feed the gear lever inside and through the gaiter, and reconnect the cigarette lighter and hazard warning light connectors.

    Before clipping console trim back, you may want to quickly test the cigarette lighter and hazard warning lights switch work as expected. WARNING - the back of the cigarette lighter gets quite hot, so don't touch it or hold it against anything when testing it.

    When ready, clip the console trim back in place
    6 - Fit Replacement Gear :tut:

    In general, this process should be the same for most gear knobs. The gear :tut: I purchased came with an adjustment nut

    Fit the adjustment nut to the gear lever with the serrated side facing upwards

    Screw it all the way down the gear :tut: till it goes no further

    Connect the gear :tut: to the gear lever

    And screw it all the way down until it meets the adjustment nut. If the numbering on the gear :tut: is properly aligned when you tighten the gear :tut:, then you're lucky and you're done. As shown below, mine was not alidned at all.

    In this case, rotate the gear :tut: anti clockwise until it is aligned (yes I know its slightly off in the image below :Smile: )

    While holding the gear :tut: straight with one hand, attach the adjustable spanner to the adjustment and turn it anti clockwise until it is in contact with the bottom of the gear :tut:. Being careful not to turn the gear :tut:, tighten the adjustment nut securely against the bottom of the gear :tut:

    Grab the top of the new gaiter and pull it up the gear lever

    All done.
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