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  1. jol
  2. AlfieAccord
    Really good guide just had the same problem with my display. Problem solved but I managed to prize the pcb away enough to get to the pins at the back the first pins looked like they have dry joints so I managed to resolder these at the back everything seems to work ok.
  3. Widoori
    I am going to upgrade the japanese internavi to aftermarket navi for my brother' edix when navi is arrived, and this article is very helpful to save some of my time on installation :) Also i ordered 6 of usb charging port on ebay (wow cheap like 5 bucks each including shippping, how does this happen?!) and am going toninstall 4 usb ports front and back. Save 2 for my new toy car toyota iq :)
  4. andy83
    good guide mate don't forget your thumbnail pic ....