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    Installation instructions for the door side protection strips.
    These were originally available pre-painted and also unpainted.

    A copy of the Fitting Instructions is on the PDF and at the end of this guide.

    Side Protectors
    These are supplied with templates, but they have limitations !

    They are made of cardboard and are best used as a guide only. Not for the exact positioning.

    Rear O/S Door
    Align the bottom and front edges of the template with the corresponding parts of the door. (Red arrows)
    The little tab marks the leading edge of the protector. This is a couple of mm away from the front of the door. (Green arrow)

    1    IMG_8550  1  D.

    The door was cleaned with the wipes and the strip place against the door.

    4    IMG_8570.

    The ridge on the strip must line up with the ridge on the door.
    5    IMG_8568  D.

    When this was in line, the backing tape can be removed and the strips pressed firmly against the door to fix.

    6    IMG_8569  D.

    Front O/S Door

    This is done in the same way as the rear one EXCEPT, align the rear of this strip with the one on the back door. I initially aligned it to the template and found that it was not at the same height as that on the back door.

    9    IMG_8585  D.

    Repeat for the other side.

    IMG_8593  1  .1  D.

    7    IMG_8606.

    All remaining painted surfaces were then sealed and given 2 coats of wax. (I will wax them more, but that was enough for now.)


    1. Side Protector Strips_0001.jpg
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