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    Installation instructions for the metal speaker rings/garnish

    Fitting must be done when the temperature is above 15C

    The area where these are to be fixed must be completely clean. If this is not done, the rings will either not stick or, fall off when the interior of the car warms up. i.e. A warm or sunny day.

    Once cleaned, remove the plastic backing strips and simply push the rings on. Use a soft cloth to apply pressure and ensure the adhesive pads make good contact.

    Here are some before and after photographs.

    1  76641_IMG_8512_D[1].

    1a   IMG_8509.JPG

    1b  76640_IMG_8510_D[1].

    1c  76655_IMG_8532_D[1].

    1d  76656_IMG_8535_D[1].

    1e  76657_IMG_8537_D[1].

    Speaker Rings_0001. Speaker Rings_0002.
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