Spoon Bushes Kit Installation (Subframe + Steering Rack)

Accord Euro-R 03-08 [CL7] (K20A)

  1. dinoc
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    These are the two kits I've bought some time ago:

    Spoon subframe rigid collar kit (made for CL9) :


    A video description of what it does can be found here:


    Spoon steering rack bushing kit (made for Euro-R only - found that later)


    A description found on the internet "Replaces the factory rubber steering rack bushings for a more direct steering feel. Increasing front tire size wears out the factory rubber bushings quickly and increases steering play. Using rigid steering bushings produces a more linear steering response."

    Here is where the subframe rigid collar kit bushings are being installed (replacing the OEM rubber ones):

    And here is where the bushings for steering rack goes in (replacing the rubber ones) :
    There are 4 aluminium bushes (which are being installed in pairs of two - bellow and on top of the steering rack - notice the yellow arrows) and an aluminium collar kit - red arrow)


    Now the bushes fitted fine , except for the aluminium collar kit (red arrow) which is bigger than the OEM rubber !

    ... the Euro-R has EPS (Electric Power Steering) ... as the CL9 doesn't as we have hydraulic one

    Here are the differences in size between OEM rubber collar for CL9 and the Spoon aluminium collar for Euro-R:


    This is where it should be installed (pics from Euro-R):


    So I've ended up putting the rubber collar back on an leave the aluminium bushes .

    I've sent an email to Spoon ask them if they are willing to make a new collar for CL9 with my measurements but so far I've got no answer and frankly I'm kind of sceptical they will ... tough they could make money by selling CL9 kits (as I was the guinea pig for this) :Smile:

    Anyway at the same time the a new clutch was installed and also the 4.7 Final Drive and the Wavetrac LSD.

    And a new wheel alignment was done, also .

    For now the overall feeling of the car is that it rides smoother on the uneven roads and the steering feel got heavier .

    I'm still wondering how much difference the aluminum collar will make ... if Spoon won't do nothing I think I might try to make that collar to a local shop ...

    The feeling of LSD and Final Drive is another story :Smile:

    [Later Edit] - after a few months later of using these I decided to remove them from my car as they started to get noisy. Basically these bushes needed maintenance (in my opinion) like lubing them every few months as the lubing was gone a noise (like metal scratching metal) could be heard while turning the steering wheel right or left).
    So in the end I removed them.

    I wrote to Spoon about this issue, and a few months later they sent me a new design of these bushes (which supposed to have solved the noise issue) but I did not had any willing to try them again on my car so I just sold them to a Canadian fellow.

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