Starter Motor

Accord 2.4 2003

  1. naslam968
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    I took my Starter motor to Pakistan to get it serviced because starter motor was struggling to start the car specially in the morning, it used to feel that any second it will slip. Battery wouldn't be able to start the car after 2 days if I don't use daily.

    To remove the starter motor you will have to remove top cover, Butterfly and manifold.
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    Since had it cleaned I started the car after 10 days intentionally and voila no issue.

    Only issue I had when starter motor was disassmbled that Armechar was dirty, all gear were fine and so was carbons as well.

    As yo can see from the pictures before and after it was cleaned with very fine sand paper and petrol.

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  1. Lighta
    I have the same problem with the starter, but not every time, it's strange.