Tourer rear washer jet removal and unblock

7th Generation tourer pre facelift

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    Quick guide for heckler. My rear washer jet is blocked again. Remove the black trim around your rear washer jet with a thin plastic trim removal tool it has 2 marks to show you where to pry. Unscrew the 2 Philips screws on the rear brake light pull it out the way and rest it on the roof. Remove the 2 screws for the washer jet then pull it out and take it off the hose. Now turn your ignition on make sure the brake light is on the roof out the way and try your rear washers. If like mine it comes out the pipe then your jet is blocked. If not it's blocked somewhere else. Mines been blocked a few times and cleaning this washer jet has always worked for me. I have left it in a cup full of vinegar.Then reattach the hose put the 2 screws back in try your washer jet again if it works refit the hose brake light and trim. If not leave it in vinegar for longer and use a pin to unblock or order a new one from HH . Just an update the vinegar didn't really work the best way I found was to remove the clear L shaped tube from the nozzle get a can of wd40 or any spray with a small straw put the straw in an blast some through, make sure the open end of your nozzle is pointing away from your eyes. Or wear glasses, this cleared my jet really well.


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