Sales Brochure Honda Integra: United Kingdom 1988 PDF

1st Generation (1985-1989)

  1. numpty67
    CCF02012016 (904x1280). CCF02012016_0001 - Copy (982x1280). CCF02012016_0001 (969x1280). CCF02012016_0002 - Copy (979x1280). CCF02012016_0002 (964x1280). CCF02012016_0003 - Copy (901x1280). CCF02012016_0003 (908x1280). CCF02012016_0004 - Copy (904x1280). CCF02012016_0004 (908x1280). CCF02012016_0005 - Copy (906x1280). CCF02012016_0005 (908x1280). CCF02012016_0006 - Copy (974x1280). CCF02012016_0006 (966x1280). CCF02012016_0007 - Copy (897x1280). CCF02012016_0007 (910x1280). CCF02012016_0008 - Copy (901x1280). CCF02012016_0008 (908x1280). CCF02012016_0009 - Copy (899x1280). CCF02012016_0009 (904x1280). zCCF02012016 - Copy (906x1280).
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Recent Reviews

  1. legend-ary
    Version: PDF
    we EX16 had one of these back in the days and to this day it was the most glorious sounding 4 cylinder i have ever heard!