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    Very tempting !!! :GoodJob:
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    Hi folks,

    Just to let you know, our £1 Shipping Offer won't be around for much longer.


    No voucher code is needed for the £1 shipping, it's automatically applied at the checkout. This means you could save even more by combining it with any of our other current offers:

    - 20% off all Castrol EDGE & Castrol Magnatec engine oils: Voucher code CASTROL
    This offer includes the ever popular Castrol EDGE FST 5w-30 and Castrol EDGE FST 10w-60 for BMW M-Series models engine oils, plus all the others!

    - 20% off all Gulf Oils & Fluids: Voucher code GULF20
    Gulf Competition engine oils, gear oils & brake fluids included.

    - 20% off all Denso & NGK plugs: Voucher code PLUG20
    Not sure what plugs you need? Use our look-up guide here HERE > > >

    - 25% off all TRICO wiper blades: Voucher code TRICO25
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    - 20% off K&N filters: Voucher code KN20
    This includes oil filters, replacement panel filters, 57i, Typhoon & Apollo induction kits, filter wraps, K&N filter service kits and much, much more......

    You may also be interested to see our Winter Products section, here you can find Booster Cables, De-Icers, ICE Scrapers, screen wash and snow chains.

    As always, our expert advice is free. If you need help you can call us on 01209 202944 Mon - Fri 8.30am - 5.30pm, email us at [email protected], or just ask here.


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