Bulletins & Advisories 06YM FR-V PDI and New Model Information

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    Honda issued the following TSB#HUK000000000730 dated 23-01-06 for all MY06 FR-V BE1, BE3, BE5.

    Operation information
    Note : The following information only concerns the FR-V diesel unless otherwise mentioned. Petrol versions have no major changes compared to 05YM.

    1. Water level switch
    A water-detecting type fuel strainer is installed on the diesel. If the water level rises to a certain level, a warning indicator will come on.


    2. Specific engine oil
    Synthetic oil ACEA B1 0W-30 is the preferred oil.


    3. Tyre pressure
    Front tyre pressure on the diesel is higher than on the petrol due to the higher front end weight.


    4. PTC heater
    The PTC heater will operate under the following conditions :
    • Fan ON
    • Engine speed higher than 500 RPM
    • Coolant temperature lower than 65°C
    • Outside air temperature lower than 5°C
    5. Maintenance schedule
    New maintenance schedule for the diesel. Please refer to the Shop Manual.
    Maintenance schedule for the petrol has been updated (pollen filter replacement).

    6. Fuel heater
    A fuel heater is installed on the fuel line just before the fuel filter. It operates in the following conditions :
    • fuel temperature lower than -3°C
    • engine speed above 600 RPM
    • battery voltage higher than 10.5V
    • 10 sec after engine starting

    If the fuel heater fails, the glow plug indicator will blink.
    A = Fuel heater B = Glow plug indicator
    7. Oil filter replacement tool
    A new tool is required to replace the oil filter :

    8. Hand priming pump location

    9. A/C condenser and intercooler colour change From VIN JHMBE57*06S209831, the A/C condenser and intercooler will be black. On models before this
    VIN, these parts are silver. This change of colour was for marketing reasons. There is no technical difference in the parts.