Suspension, Steering and Brakes 08 CR-V low speed manuvering

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    I used to own a freelander 1. Due to the four wheel drive system (centre viscous coupling) it used to be noticable where turning on full lock that the inner rear wheel scrubbed a bit. This was just part of the design and we'll known. With my 08 CR-V when I turn onto my drive on almost full lock it kind of feels like there is some resistance from the rear wheels. Previous car to CR-V was 2WD octavia and that just glided around onto my drive. An I correct in thinking that the CR-V four wheel drive system only brings in drive to the rear wheels when the car detects slippage on the front wheels or does it monitor all wheels and bring in drive to the rear wheels on tight corners? Another thing that I get when going onto my drive (dropped curb) is a noise on the drivers side which sounds similar to a warn drop link. Anyone have experience with this as a problem? I get the same noise when driving down a slightly rutted track.
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    Official Honda statement explaining CR-Vs AWD
    The Honda AWD system uses a compact, lightweight and fuel-efficient rear differential. The design requires a certain torque limitation for the device to be able to work effectively in real conditions, but at the same time, it must not exceed the total capacity of the AWD drive.
    In real conditions, regardless of the surface, there is a certain amount of friction always available for both front and rear wheels. The AWD system benefits therefore torque between front and rear wheels in order to achieve optimal driving force.
    If all the available torque required to move the vehicle forward would be transferred to the rear differential then the limit for the torque of the unit would be exceeded.
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    Know exactly what you mean with the freelander-I've driven some that almost seem to lock solid at parking speeds on lock. Not noticed any sign of that on my newly bought 07 reg 3rd Generation. If you're getting some sort of resistance or noise could it be the rear diff needs an oil flush/change? I've driven a 2nd Generation that protested like this & cured that by changing the diff oil which is a common issue I believe. From what I understand the 3rd Generation has the same set up. Just a thought.
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    I test drove a gen3 that when I turned in a tight circle the whole thing started vibrating and making noises. That Definately needed a diff oil change. The 08 plate I bought had the diff oil changed about a year ago. No noises etc, I asked the question because I detected a bit of friction in the way it turned. The description above makes sense on how it works. Haven't felt any scrubbing like I used to detect with the freelander1
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