ICE & HFT 1.8 Petrol 08 registered but early 07 model Exec

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    Hi Guys,

    Need help, I have an 07 model FR-V Exec, that had the 6 cd changer stereo in it, I have removed this and replaced with a double din Pioneer nav/cd/dvd..etc. I have managed to connect everything after going through all types of ISO adaptors, the problem being that it was registered in 08, but seems to be an early 07 model and the stereo connection was right before the change over.

    My problem is this, the steering wheel audio control does not seem to have a stalk adaptor with the correct ISO cable for the radio.

    I have found an 07 onwards adaptor that has a stalk adaptor that fits, but the ISO cable does not fit the early 07 model.

    Has anybody found one, or adapted one?
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    Any progress with this bud? it clear no one here has done this before?