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    MY 04 2.2 Accord is due its 125k service Honda bristol as quaoted me £363.94 for the schedualed 125k service or a level 2 service for £270 (for cars out side manufactures Warranty)

    Level 2 includes oil , oil filter , fuel filter and air filter change .

    Just wondering if anyone knows aoart from the price what the differnece in checks / replacements in the two are.
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    I would suggest go and ask Honda dealer to provide a detailed info on what's included in both services. So that you are confided what are you paying for. Or not paying (if it's unreasonably high price).
    Another advice.. when you'll get detailed info what needs to be done on your car, go around the city, get prices for the same service in other garages (sure it will be lower price), then go back to Honda dealer, tell about other garages offering lower prices and ask Honda to offer you a similar price. It should work! Or atleast worth of trying :Smile:
    It worked for me many times with my previous Mitsubishi Galant. Now I've got Accord, but I own it only 2 months, so didnt need any service yet.
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    Yes, only the garage can properly answer this! I don't have a schedule handy, but it might call for additional things like gearbox oil change, brake fluid change or other 'big' jobs. But I suggest you search for the schedule, at least to make sure it agrees with what the garage (or others) propose to do.

    A cynical mind might suggest that, for the higher figure, they'll have a giant tick list covering additional complex stuff such as checking the washer bottle level, carefully measuring the tyre tread depth, testing the cigarette lighter and so on (I experienced this a few years ago... Toyota managed to get the list up to 103 line items by including such trivia!!!)
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