13 Brands Mechanics Wish You Would Steer Clear of

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    13 Brands That Mechanics Wish You Would Steer Clear Of - Odometer.com

    Yes almost all of our favourite German brands are in there and, not that it is a surprise, Honda isn't :gohonda:

    VW described as an economy brand:Rolf::Rolf::Rolf::Rolf::Rolf::Rolf::Rolf::Rolf::Rolf::Rolf::Rolf::Rolf::Rolf::Rolf::Rolf::Rolf::Rolf::Rolf::Rolf::Rolf::Rolf::Rolf::Rolf::Rolf::Rolf:

    Quite surprised at Nissan being in there and Subaru for that matter. Yes Subarus are known for head gasket issues and Nissans do know how to rot but never known any major engine issues on Nissans the times I had them (apart from timing chain stretch on the early CG10DE in the K11 Micra) Nissan engines are usually bomb-proof unless of course they are talking about post-Renault Nissan which I've had no experience of.
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    The Nissan they are confused, I know 90's Nissan's used to rot on the sills very badly, but those engine issues are pretty much all post renault issues. On the Subaru head gasket issue is only on 2.5 unit, crank seal leak on any car when it ages, seems like a bit of a dumb generalised list.
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    P10 Primeras used to rot on the rear of the sills particularly badly (the rain gutter was integral to the door openings and discharged over the seam at the rear of the sill) and the rear wheel arches used to dissolve

    K11 Micras would rot again on the rear section of the sills but underneath as water used to work its way in from the rear wheel arches. The lower cross member at the front of the engine bay would also rot heavily right where at the load bearing points as well. I had an early K11 fail its MOT for that. It did have 85,000 miles on it and you could push your finger through the metal in places. Cost me £700 (I think it was) to have it cut out and replaced.

    Yes my brother has found out about the 2.5 Subaru engine head gasket issue on his Impreza. Subaru UK gave him the parts free and the dealer did a deal on the labour as a gesture. Still cost a packet though as the heads had to be stripped and re-machined as they warped.
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    But you'd think that mechanics would WANT us to buy unreliable cars that need expensive repairs!
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    That's what I thought when I first saw it @Zebster - seems a bit daft trying to convince people not to buy cars that are "nice little earners" as Arthur Daley would say

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