Pre-Facelift Model 140k miles on an '04 CR-V

Discussion in '2nd Generation (2002-2006)' started by excel monkey, Monday 11th Feb, 2013.

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    Hi, new member here. Bought myself a 2004 CR-V as a second car to do the stuff that my wife's E90 3-series can't do (i.e. carry bulky items, stay mobile in the snow).

    I've only ever bought newish, low mileage cars, so it was a leap into the unknown to buy a car with 140k miles on the clock. The condition of the car is great. Unkerbed alloy wheels, clean engine compartment, interior in good shape. It's a manual SE, with black plastic bumpers, which I think suit the look of the car. The car has a full (mostly) Honda service history and I intend to keep this up (although I'd welcome any recommendations of good Honda independents in the London/Middlesex area).

    I've had it for about a month now, and it has been great in the snow. It has been used on quite a few long journeys in that time, and is a good car for road trips, although I wish the gearing was a bit higher on the motorway. So far I've averaged 22mpg, which is below my low expectations, but I'll give the car the benefit of the doubt and assume the cold weather and corresponding heavy load on the electrics are making the fuel economy look worse than it really is.

    Small pic attached. Will post better ones when the weather improves and I've given it a good clean.

  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Hello and welcome EM,

    CR-V is perfect vehicle for snow you will enjoy it and being a very easy to use car despiste its size.

    One advise always keep an eye on the engine oil use 0w-30 oil as K20a engine in the CR-V are known to eat oil which is normal, routine engine oil changes and diff box will keep issues away.
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    Thanks for the advice. The driving experience is familiar to me, as I owned an EP1 Civic a few years ago.

    The car has recently had a full (level 4) service and the oil level has stayed constant, but I will make sure I check the levels regularly.
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    Welcome along to the forum, always good to have more CR-V members
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    Hi ichiban,you say that the K20a engine is known to eat oil, I have a 2004 CR-V with this engine and in between oil changes about 8,000 Miles it has never used any oil,
    It has now done 114,000 miles with a full service history and I have had it for 31/2 years,
    This is the 2nd CR-V I have owned, the first was 1999 auto and that was the same,never burnt any oil and when I sold that there was 143,000 on the clock...both of them struggled to get 30mpg even on a run but average was always about 26/27mpg..treat them right and they will last you a lifetime...Great Suv's
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