Sponsors 15% Off Engine Oils, Gear Oils & Brake Fluids

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    For a limited time only Opie Oils are giving an unmissable 15% OFF Engine Oils, Gear Oils & Brake Fluids with voucher code - SAVE.


    We stock a huge selection of engine oils, gear oils and brake fluids from an extensive range of manufactures; Amsoil, Castrol, Castrol Classic, Fuchs, Gulf, Millers Oils, Millers Classic Oils, Mobil, Motul, Red Line, Shell, Silkolene and Valvoline. The majority of prices are discounted from the RRP already, so the additional 15% means there are huge savings to be had!

    As always, our expert advice is free. If you need help you can call us Monday - Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm on 01209 202944, email us at [email protected], or just ask here. Alternatively you can use our new and improved lookup tool to find the correct engine oil service pack for your vehicle.

    Please note If you've got a vehicle with significant performance modifications, you may need a different oil; please get a custom engine oil recommendation from our team instead.

    The team at Opie Oils
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    This offer will end Midnight Sunday, so if you are planning on placing an order make sure you do before it's too late.

    Hope you all have a great weekend.

    - oilman