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    Scott King's 1965 Honda S600 Roadster and Coupe take us back to the beginning

    In 2009, as I stepped into the role of Editor at Honda Tuning magazine, the very first assignment I gave myself took me to Palm Springs, Calif. for a rare double feature shoot. A few weeks prior, I'd stumbled across two of the cleanest old-school Honda I'd ever laid eyes on during the Japanese Classic Car Show. A guy by the name of Scott King owned both of them. He'd long had a fetish for all things classic Honda, and his 1965 Roadster and S600 Coupe were so factory fresh that I'd spent a solid half hour on each one, poring over the intricacies and throwing out question after question. Locking in a shoot, I headed to the desert to meet up with King and capture these two beauties for a story.

    Source: Honda Tuning Magazine