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    Just a heads up this Civic, is being sold on Faceache from a so called collector and 1st Generation Honda expert. This car is a total shed in the metal department the rust worm has got hold of it.

    This car is worth £300.00 but the seller want a massive £2500 for it with spares. Buyer beware scam alert.

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    i have for some time followed the story of this little car and indeed supplied some of my very rare and valuable parts for this car on agreement that i,d sell the parts only if the owners intent was to finish the car to its original condition as new
    alas i was hood winked into parting with the parts
    the intention now i believe was to collect all the parts needed to finish this car as to maximize on the profit to sell it as the oldest Civic in the uk,however beware i did find an older one ! but at present have been unable to locate it again as at the time it was really of little importance but if i do find it i shall post it up !!!
    i do have somewhere buried in the depth of my computer many picture of the rust issues on this car which ordinarily would designated this car for parts only but the sale has be pushing the fact that its the oldest example . a nominal price of sale would make it worth saving .
    recent pictures of this car and all its issues would be an honest way of advertizing it for all the world to see
    this car would need a real enthusiast with REALLY DEEP DEEP POCKETS to restore the car to its former glory the end result would be a great little car for a private collection probably costing twice as much than its true value when finished
    if the older car in the uk ever emerges this one will then become just another old 1st Generation Civic........NO ONE likes second best
    sadly i fear this car will turn in to a rusty heap before anyone purchases it at the grossly over inflated price
    happy to be proved wrong
    im so glad that this has not been advertized on this or any forum as i see forums as a place where responsible and honest enthusiasts reside and can be held accountable for their postings and sales and acurately & honestly describe what they have for sale
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