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    Thought I'd share this article, it makes for interesting reading.

    1975 Honda Civic CVCC and 1979 Honda Civic CVCC Wagon - Motor Trend Classic

    Extract: "If Honda wanted to compete in the biggest car market on earth, it needed a credible player. Not only that, but when Honda engineers set about designing the first-generation Civic, it was made known to them that, if it wasn't good enough, Honda would be pulling out of the car business altogether."

    Well .. lucky they pulled that one off then :Smile:

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    Thanks for sharing that SpeedyGee, made good reading.
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    Thanks for that bit of nostalgia; my mum had one in the 1970's - sadly it rusted away but never broke down, unlike everything else we owned. I was riding Hondas at the time and remember being impressed by the motorcycle quality technology and electrics.